Step 1

If you are an athlete looking for a college program that fits your goal and skills, simply submit a personal information FORM, including any YouTube links with your athletic highlights onto our sign up page. 


Step 2

After our recruiters have collected all the necessary information about you, they will put together a free assesment of your potential for achiving your personal goals and earning a scholarship (athletic and/or academic). 

They will also present you and your parents with a range of specific recommendations including the universities most likely to offer you athletic and academic scholarships. You will also receive recommendations from our academic eligibility experts concerning available financial grants. 


Step 3

We will create a high-tech profile of you on our recruiting platform that includes:


Step 4

If coaches show interest in you, we’ll help you decide which school is best for you as well as the right scholarship.


About Us

 Global Athlete Network (GAN)

 We enable student athletes like you to successfully move up to the next level.

Nothing in the world compares to the life of a student athlete. 

Beyond academics, you experience the unique excitement of playing on a team with other talented athletes, united by a common goal and forming friendships for life. It’s like a second family.

Whether you’re a high school athlete seeking the best college program for your skills and goals, or you’re a college athlete who wants to turn pro (either in the U.S. or abroad) just get in touch with the Global Athlete Network (GAN). We’ll guide you each step of the way!


 We’ll help you:

• Identify the most promising colleges or universities to apply to

• Create an awesome profile of you that includes an expertly edited video to showcase your talents

• Apply for athletic scholarships

• Also take advantage of any academic scholarships or grants you’re eligible for

• Get connected to professional sports teams if you’re a collegiate athlete who wants to make a career out of your sport.

• Objectively evaluate your potential for successful recruitment and scholarships

 Our network spans NCAA, NAIA and JCC schools.

GAN recruiters and scouts include former college coaches, professional team coaches, academic-eligibility experts and former NCAA athletes. This vast network was started over a decade ago by people whose lives have been dedicated to youth sports.

We love to see young athletes succeed and grow, but we hate to see them miss out on opportunities that could make a tremendous impact on their lives. It seemed clear to us that most of these kids need advice and guidance from people in-the-know. So we stepped forward.


Recognized the world over.

From modest beginnings, GAN has grown to become a true global leader, a broad network of top-flight professionals with many years of experience and close relationships with university coaches and teams literally around the world.

They combine their expertise to provide students with a comprehensive set of tools, all designed to help them make their sports dreams a reality.


Get in touch and let’s get started!


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